For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Ashlyn. I have been leading our Wednesday night Compline that started this past summer. I wanted to spend some time talking about my GO.

Here at Her Way of Love we are really moved and inspired by Bishop Curry’s Way of Love. GO is the place that God calls us to that's outside our comfort zone and to minister to all people and creation.

Over the years my GO has changed but lately I have found myself called to GO and be a part of women’s groups. In the past, I have tried to find a faith-based community with women but haven’t found one where I felt as though I truly belonged. I seemed to find groups that were either too conservative or fundamental. This past Lent I discovered Her Way of Love on Instagram and was overcome with excitement! I knew from the start I wanted to be a part of the community that was being formed. I felt such a pull because I saw this as such an incredible tool to evangelize. We can show another way, a middle way ;), to be a woman in the Church. We can show the world what the Episcopal Church is about. We can create a space where all people can feel welcomed. I hope this community continues to grow and I hope that every person who wants too can feel at home here.

What’s your GO?  Where do you think God is calling you to minister?

Please feel free to share in the comments below.


Ashlyn Wallace

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